Data Decency - Commission
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Data Decency founded since 2017 by a division of IDAZ09 Corporation

The department of the Data Decency Commission is responsible for Data policy on the national and international digital, transaction, identity and privacy information.


Data Decency Commission

Information and communication technologies are intrinsic to legislation and policies, which are critical because the Data Decency standards support the growth of important technological requirements on privacy and security. Information such as access to health care, cloud storage, transportation systems intelligence, private businesses, and government.

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Inspection and Assessment

Inspection and Assessment under the Data Decency Commission will conduct unavoidable inspections regarding how organisations, individuals, business or the government use transactional declaration. All parties who declare data must follow 'data decency legislation'.

Data Decency Legislation


International Representative

The execution of responsibilities includes participation in the preparation of legislation concerning the role of the IDAZ09 Nations.

International Data Decency Commission